Lesson Slides: 

Basic EV3 Robot Instructions

Introduction to EV3 Programming Lesson

Beginner – Intermediate EV3 Programming Lesson

Intermediate – Advanced EV3 Lesson

EV3 Final Challenge

Introduction to Java Lesson

Beginner – Intermediate Java Lesson

Classes and Objects Java Lesson 

Introduction to Scratch

EV3 MicroPython Guide 

EV3 MicroPython Lesson 1

EV3 MicroPython Lesson 2

EV3 MicroPython Lesson 3

EV3 MicroPython Lesson 4

EV3 MicroPython Final Challenges

WRO 2019 Lesson Plan:

Week 1: Goal is to learn to build a robot and basic programming of movements

Week 2: Goal is to deliver battery and return to base

Week 3: Goal is to line follow

Week 4: Goal is to an move one adult game piece to its respective areas

  • Program the robot to:
    • Pick up one person
    • Drop person in one area (doesn’t have to be the right one)
    • Go back to base

Week 5: Goal is to learn how to build the robot

  • Decide which person will build each part
  • Disassemble robot and build it again with instructions

Week 6: Goal is to build the robot without instructions

  • Each person builds their part with the instructions, then put the robot together without instructions
  • Test the program to make sure robot it built correctly
  • Build entire robot without instructions