Our Team

Neha Bhat – Founder and Advisor

Neha loves robotics, computer science, dance, and advocating for girls in STEM.

Veda Hegde – Advisor

Veda enjoys robotics, programming, and dance.

Ahalya Anil – Operations Manager and Lesson Planner

Ahalya loves swimming, reading, and writing.

Dishaa Bhat – Media Manager and Lesson Planner

Dishaa likes dancing, singing, and robotics.

Nishka Bhikha – Project Manager

Nishka enjoys basketball, bharatnatyam (dance), and science.

Sanya Bhalla – Fundraising Manager

Sanya enjoys traveling, dancing, and creating art

Annika Singh – Media Developer

Annika likes to read, write, and swim

Alicia Yau – Lesson Planner

Alicia is passionate about writing, robotics, public speaking, and field hockey.

Greeshma Bhat – Meeting Coordinator and EV3 Mentor

Greeshma enjoys dance, singing, ukulele, biotechnology, and robotics.

Nithya Chinatalapati – Founder and Java Mentor

Nithya is a high school senior. She has been a part of STEMpowering girls for 4 years. She loves robotics and volunteering. She plans to pursue a career in the medical field while using Robotics.

Khushi Chawla – Java, Python, and Scratch Mentor

Khushi enjoys coding and playing golf.

Amal Wooldridge – EV3 and MicroPython Mentor

Amal likes horses, cats, dance, and programming.

Medha Pappula – EV3, Java, and Python Mentor

Medha is in middle school. She competes on a swim team, has her own YouTube channel called LifeWithRainbow, and enjoys volunteering. 

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